Tonbo Meadow Alternate Layout

You have spoken, and Fasse bldgs. has listened. More storage space....we got it! Need more privacy and flex space....there's options for that as well. Ground floor master problem! Based on feedback, we have come up with some alternate layouts for the next phase of Tonbo Meadow. Take a look at one of the revised Tonbo Meadow floorplans below. There is also a plan in the works which has the master suite on the ground floor, as some clients have requested. As soon as I get a finalized version, I will be sure to get that one up as well. 

If you are interested in Tonbo Meadow, have feedback following a showing, or have certain requests for future Tonbo townhomes....we would love to hear from you! There are always options that can be tailored to suit your family/lifestyle needs. Call our office at (910) 679 4277 or email to discuss Tonbo Meadow or a Fasse bldgs. custom home. Please stay tuned for more Tonbo options and layouts as we get closer to breaking ground on phase two!

Ground Floor

Tonbo Meadow layout

Second Floor

Tonbo Meadow Layout

Third Floor (options include two-story and three-story townhomes)

Tonbo Meadow