2015 TecHome Builder Lux Conference

Fasse bldgs. is so pleased to have been invited back to the TecHome Builder LUX Conference this year! The TecHome Builder LUX event is designed to help luxury home builders leverage home technology amenities to sell more homes, increase per home revenue and realize higher levels of client satisfaction. LUX will immerse luxury builders in the benefits, features and business advantages of home technology to make this their competitive edge.

At last year's conference Fasse bldgs. was introduced to some awesome products and technological improvements to incorporate into many of our custom homes. We are looking forward to learning about new electronics, smart home products/services, high tech amenities, and other home technology systems that we will in turn, be able offer to offer Fasse bldgs. homeowners! Through technological amenities we hope to simplify homeowners lives and improve home functionality based on the homeowner's lifestyle and their individual needs and priorities.

Pam Fasse attended last year, and was featured on the 2014 TecHome Builder LUX Conference highlights video. Check her out!

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

If there was one word to describe September 2015, it would be...rainy. 

Safeguard your home from the rain

September is typically a favorite month to many Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington locals, like us at Fasse bldgs. The tourists head home, things calm down, there is a crispness to the air, and the humidity usually subsides from the hot steamy summer months. Well not this year!

While it looks like we may have missed the threat of Hurricane Joaquin making landfall on our coast, we've experienced dumping rain across southeast North Carolina (and much of the eastern US) for almost TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT!  Aside from the rain dampening your early autumn social and recreational plans, it's also important to remember the serious damage extreme weather can have on your home, in turn creating unexpected costs and even more hassle. 

Rain damage can be one of the costliest repairs to a home due to its devastating effect on foundations and contribution to mold development, especially in our region (Wilmington, NC area) where the water tables are high, there are multiple flood zones, and extremely high levels of humidity. Below are a few steps to protect your property from heavy rain damage and to ensure the safety of your home and family.

Ensure good drainage by assessing gutters and drains located on your property. The rooftop is the primary structure that keeps rainwater from entering a home. Check all aspects of the rooftop and ensure its construction is not damaged in any way. A tiny opening in the rooftop is enough space to permit leakage. Additionally, ensure all gutters are cleaned regularly, and make sure the slope of your yard should is directed away from the foundation so rainwater is directed away from the home and not into the foundation. Check your downspouts while it’s raining to see exactly where they’re dumping water. If water is pooling less than five feet away from your house, redirect it with gutter extensions to prevent water damage to your home. 

Install (or have a contractor install) a backwater valve and/or a sump pump. A backwater valve is a device that prevents city sewers from backing up into your basement plumbing fixtures. Backwater valves can prevent major flooding problems caused by a blocked or overloaded sewage pipe. Sump pumps are usually installed in conjunction with sealed crawl spaces to reduce moisture and standing water from gathering beneath your house. This greatly reduces the risk of mold, mildew, structural and foundation damage.

Check your chimney and sump pump annually. Two vital areas that can allow rain damage if they fail are a home’s chimney and sump pump. Not only should a sump pump be inspected by a professional annually, it should be checked visually and operationally more often during long periods of heavy rain or more extraordinary climates, like hurricane seasons. Chimneys should also be checked to ensure bricks have no gaps and are tightly sealed. Additionally, bricks should be waterproofed to ensure water and moisture is not absorbed from the outside. Finally, consider installing a chimney cap prior to the stormy season to prevent rainwater from coming in at all.

Examine roof, ceilings, and plumbing. Check for and fix any water leaks. Plumbing and roofing leaks can be a potential catastrophe if left unresolved. Address these issues promptly by repairing any noticeably leaking pipes, checking for dark spots adjacent to pipes or on ceilings, repairing or replacing any cracked caulking, and inspecting the roof for any missing, loose or broken shingles. If you have an attic, you can look for signs of water penetration under the roof after it rains. To do this, inspect the underside of the plywood beneath your roof for any watermarks or mold. Poles, trees and other large objects can also fall on a house during heavy rain; therefore, cut off branches that are dangerously close to a home’s rooftop. Additionally, raise downward sloping areas to ensure heavy rain water doesn’t collect near the foundation and weaken it.

Examine your exterior paint. Rain, humidity, salt air and heavy storms can be harmful to exterior paint. Do a loop around your property and examine your home's exterior paint and finishes. Look for any bubbling, peeling or cracking. Touch up any problem areas you see as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your siding. This may often require sanding the old finish before applying a new one, and could likely require a professional . In the Wilmington area, Fasse bldgs. recommends Verde Painting for your interior and exterior paint needs. 

Be aware of potential health hazards associated with water damage. If your home does suffer from water damage caused by internal leaks, heavy rain or other inherent problems, it is important to hire a water damage restoration company as soon as possible. Moisture promotes the growth of mold and other dangerous organisms, especially in already-damp climates, which increases the risk for serious health problems. Exposure to these types of water-related growths can also aggravate symptoms for allergy and asthma patients and may compound these problems in children, the elderly, and people with poor immune systems.

Fasse bldgs. has a great deal of experience developing smart, eco-friendly site designs as well as homes and developments with integral, healthy water management systems. Our Tonbo Meadow development is an LID (Low Impact Development) designed to manage stormwater runoff involving rain gardens, swales, and a stormwater wetland.

Someone from the Fasse bldgs. team will be happy to consult and walk builders, developers, and/or homeowners through the process of designing, building, and managing eco friendly stormwater features such as swales, drains, rain gardens, natural wetlands, rain chains, pervious pavement/materials, and water quality. From soil preparation, planting, troubleshooting, and maintenance, to selecting water-loving plants that provide a habitat for a flourishing native ecosystem. For more information on consulting services please call our office at (910) 679 4277.

Hope everyone stays dry the next few days. Or better yet, throw your rain boots on and give mother nature a smile and a splash in the face!

Rain boots

Hurricane Joaquin ARE YOU PREPARED?

Hurricane Joaquin

FINGERS CROSSED  Hurricane Joaquin will not make landfall anywhere near our home Wrightsville Beach, and if we are lucky avoid landfall anywhere along the eastern seaboard altogether, but we want to help you plan ahead just in case!  With this storm looming in the Atlantic, Fasse bldgs. has tips to help you stay safe, be prepared, and safeguard your home in the case a storm does make landfall in or near our area. The forecast is calling for a ton of rain and potential for strong wind, regardless of the hurricane's track, so let's cover all our bases!

Hurricane Prep

Remember the local stores and markets get pretty hectic when there is a storm on the horizon, so it is better to gather necessary items in advance,  and get a head start on necessary home preparations before the rain and winds pick up. For starters, get your first aid and basic emergency kits organized. The general kit should include enough supplies for 72 hours, so this will vary depending on the size of your household. Don't forget to consider your pets--petfood, prescriptions, and additional water to keep the furbabies safe and happy! It's also smart to call the vet for proof of rabies and shots. If you need to evacuate, your pet may not be welcome at a shelter without these records.

Here's a general emergency supplies checklist  from Fasse bldgs.  to help you cover the basics....

Emergency item checklist

Let's get real, and go ahead and add WINE to the list! (and don't forget a manual wine tool and can opener either). Food & drink during and after a storm are key!

 Remember, there's a good chance you won't be venturing out for a while -- roads aren't safe, power lines can often be down, and there is a strong possibility you will encounter flooding.

So stock up on all the things you need to make the most of the situation (games, booze + fun people). When a hurricane or tropical storm hits, your options for recreation become limited. No need to be reckless,  and "ride it out" in unsafe conditions, but no harm in gathering with family, friends, and neighbors to weather the storm together.

Make sure people aren’t going outside In case an actual emergency happens, no need to make it worse by tempting the gods of flying debris. While hurricanes can be devastating and deadly events, if you play your cards right they can also turn into a darn good time!  Ain't no party like a hurricane party in the Southeast.

Now back to the not-so-fun parts of tropical storms/hurricanes....

PLEASE get your emergency list + these home/property precautions below taken care of before you start planning a party. Safety, supplies, and preparation first!

Here are some things to take care of before a storm approaches....

1. Check your insurance coverage to make sure it reflects the current state of your home. Consider adding flood insurance and coverage for additional living expenses in case your home is uninhabitable after a storm.

2. Do a home inventory to save you time and make filing a claim easier, ensuring you don’t forget anything. Document the contents of your home with a video camera or other home inventory tool. Keep receipts for valuable items and consider separate coverage for these things.

3. Windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of your home. Protect them by boarding them with the proper plywood or tape. Doors are also easy targets for projectiles and susceptible to high winds. Seals provide watertight protection for door and windows.

4. Patio furniture and outside décor can easily turn into dangerous projectiles when hurricane-force winds arrive. Bring it inside. Don't put them in the pool, as doing so can harm the finish of your pool and cause staining. Also bring in all bikes and children's toys to prevent them from becoming projectiles or sustaining damage from the storm.

5. Protect your property even further by installing the following items in your home:

~Hurricane shutters or keep ¾ inch outdoor plywood boards for each window (if using boards, be sure to install anchors and pre-drill holes so you can put them up quickly)
~Head and foot bolts on doors for extra protection.
~Hurricane straps or clips to help hold the roof to the walls of your home.
~A safe room that can withstand high winds and flying debris.

6. Make sure your gutters are clear from leaves or any other debris. This will make sure that the rainwater will flow easily through the gutters and keep them from overflowing. Also check drains on your property before the storm and make sure water is flowing properly and not obstructed by an debris to prevent standing/rising water on your property.

7. Keep up with your landscaping; ensure that your trees are trimmed to remove weak branches. Also keep in mind, diseased and damaged tree limbs can become serious hazards in high-speed storm winds so manage these hazards appropriately. Rake the yard now! With the amount of rain expected, you need the drains open and running freely. A drain clogged with leaves does not flow and all the water may end up in your crawlspace or cause foundation issues.

8. Buy a tarp or two. These will come in handy to protect the roof temporarily if a tree comes down. Also make certain you have one long (50 foot) heavy duty extension cord. If your power goes out for multiple days this could come in really handy if you are able to connect to a neighbor's generator or nearby power source. 

9. If you have a generator, make sure that it is prepared for the coming storm. Do your routine maintenance, this will provide you the peace of mind that the motor is ready to provide you with the electricity you need. It will also ensure the battery is charged, and filters are clean to make sure your generator is ready to help you get through the storm.

10. If you have a spare tub, fill it with water to be used to flush the toilet. Sounds weird, but If the water gets really high, the sewer systems won't work. If the power is out long enough, the lift stations for the sewers won't work. You can flush toilets by dumping cups of tub water into the tank as needed.

11. Check your chain saw, especially if you are on a wooded lot. Do you have bar oil? What about treated gas? Check that what you have is OK and works.

12. Fill your fuel tanks and extra gas tanks now. Again, without power, the gas pumps don't work. If you plan on using a grill, make sure you have sufficient propane and/or charcoal to fire them up.

During & After the storm....

1. Don’t take silly risks like running back into a home that’s been destroyed or refuse to evacuate when you’ve been ordered to, just to salvage material possessions. Things can be replaced, but people cannot.

2. Turn your refrigerator as cold as possible and only open it when necessary in order to keep it as cool as possible when/if power is lost. Have coolers filled with ice bags as a backup plan for perishables, especially if you do not have a generator. 

3. Use your refrigerated food first. Cook the meat and eat the dairy within the first couple of days on the grill. There is no saving it without power.

4. When cooking with the grill, use it away from the house. Make sure a flare-up can't catch the soffitt on fire. Don't grill in the garage. 

5. After the storm is over, don't go sloshing through the puddles. Power lines will be down all over the place and that water may be hiding that live wire.

6. Bugs tend to be terrible following a storm, partially due to all the standing water. Make sure you have bug spray on hand and use it!

It is also wise to have an established evacuation plan to help reduce stress. If you don’t have transportation of your own, make arrangements now with friends or family members (and don’t forget about the pets!). You want to make sure the whole family is covered, so identify an out-of-state contact that everyone will call if separated and establish a meeting location at least 50 miles inland.

If someone in the house has medical issues that require power, call the local Red Cross. There should be a medical shelter nearby with backup power. Make sure you have a spot there.

There are now several apps that aid in the case of an emergency or natural disaster. Check them out here.  Remember there could be limited/no cell service, so have a printed emergency plan in a safe place in your home, or with the other items in your emergency kit. 

Stay safe everyone!

ROGUE Townhomes Progress Report

The Fasse bldgs. crew is nearly complete with the ROGUE Townhomes project! These are a group of four modern townhomes located at 802 N. 4th St. in Wilmington's Brooklyn Arts District (#BAD). The surrounding sidewalk and driveway apron were poured this week. We are currently putting the final touches on the building, working on interior and surrounding site clean-up, as well as the last layer of paint and touch-ups. Here are a few recent pictures from the job site taken by the architect, Rob Romero

Rogue Townhomes exterior
Rogue Townhomes progress
Rogue Townhomes Wilmington
Rogue Townhomes concrete pour
Rogue Townhomes interior
Rogue Townhomes interior
Rogue Townhomes stairway
Rogue Floor plans

ROGUE Townhomes are filling up fast! For more information on availability, or to schedule a showing, please call listing agent, Peter Sweyer at (910) 409 1201 or email him at peter.sweyer@gmail.com. We will be sure to announce details for the first open house as soon as it is confirmed!

Beautiful Kitchen Backsplashes

Happy Friday everyone! Today let's talk about one of the fun details of building/designing a home...BACKSPLASHES!

Kitchen backsplashes can make a huge impact on the room, and the options and designs are as varied as the kitchens that accommodate them. From a minimalist neutral backsplash that spans from ceiling to floor to the tiniest custom mosaic applied in a specific area, these important design elements provide many decorating and functional possibilities.

Here are a few of our favorite options...

White Backsplash

Many people believe the only color for the kitchen is white. They love the clean, fresh sanitary feel and the timeless, classic look. We couldn't agree more. 

white tile
White backsplash
Arctic White backsplash
Geo white backsplash

Metallic Backsplash

Be as subtle or as flashy as you like with a metallic backsplash. With so many textures, shapes, and finishes to choose from, you can create just the look you are going for.

milled metallic backsplash
Metallic Backsplash

Glass Backsplash

Classic, yet modern...you can never go wrong with a glass backsplash. It is sure to freshen up any kitchen and add just enough texture to make things interesting. Options range from various sized tiles and panels, to custom cut pieces, and a broad array of colors.

Glass tile backsplash
Blue Glass Backsplash

Black Backsplash

Don't be afraid of adding black to your kitchen. When done right, it is just as elegant as a white kitchen. If a black kitchen seems a little too overzealous, consider pairing black and white. A black backsplash with white cabinets is sure to make a bold statement. 

Black Backsplash
Black tile
Black Subway tile

Carrara Marble Backsplash

Carrara marble is a timeless classic that’s been used in homes for thousands of years.. Did you know Michelangelo’s “David” was carved from Carrara?!? It’ll look as good in the next millennium as it does now. There are so many options if you are interested in spicing things up a bit... sleek marble panels, brick pattern, herringbone, hexagon, or other geometric tiles. The marble's tone and texture also has many variations. The possibilities with Carrara are endless. 

Marble backsplash
Carrara Marble
Classic Carrara tile backsplash
Carrera backsplash

Wood Backsplash

Don't rule out wood as a material option for backsplashes. Whether is is raw, engineered, or restored...they all have their place in the right kitchen.

Raw wood backsplash
Restored wood backsplash

Chalkboard Backsplash

The chalkboard backsplash has a cool look, and can be fun and practical in the kitchen area. Its' also a budget friendly option you could easily  do yourself!

Chalkboard Backsplash

Gold Toned Backsplash

Gold tones are back--and we are hoping they are here to stay! I've been seeing a lot more options for gold toned backsplashes lately. Ranging from champagne, to rose gold, brass, and coppery tones to classic gold. Some options mix different gold hues and textures, as well as gold+silver metallics. Don't be afraid to mix gold tones and textures! And don't be afraid to mix gold and silver either. The matchy-matchy home styles are a thing of the past. Have a little fun....everyone needs a little gold in their life, right?

Champagne Backsplash
Gold tin backsplash
Gold and silver backsplash
Gold Backsplash

White Geometric Backsplash

This fresh white geo backsplash is oh so unique and makes such a statement, while also staying true to the simplistic elements we love. Paired with small can lights, this becomes the centerpiece of your kitchen or bar area.

Geometric Backsplash

Industrial Steel Backsplash

I found this one on the Ridalco site, and thought it would be a great tile alternative to those who prefer a look that is a bit more industrial and edgy. According to Ridalco, a stainless steel backsplash seamlessly integrated into your countertop leaves no grouting or cracks for crumbs and liquids to get trapped in. And stainless steel gives you greater flexibility to fit into irregular angles and curves.

Steel backsplash

Penny Tile Backsplash

Dark penny tiles paired with white cabinets, creates a bold textured look I love. The penny tiles seem to work well in either modern or more transitional or traditional kitchens. This style also looks great in gray, stainless, or other metallic or neutral hues, or in bold colors to add pops of color.

Gray penny tile
Stainless penny tile
Dark Penny Tile Backsplash
light gray penny tile
Blue penny tile
metallic mosaic

North Carolina Building Performance Conference

Fasse bldgs. is excited for the upcoming North Carolina Building Performance Conference being held September 1 - 3 in our very own Wilmington, NC!

This second annual conference includes three days of business and technical workshops, networking events and social activities, site tours, fun competitions and much more.  All North Carolina home and building performance professionals are welcome to attend!

In just its second year, the conference brings together more than 200 residential and commercial high performance building designers, builders, contractors, consultants and industry stakeholders to network, learn and contribute their knowledge to North Carolina’s growing building performance industry, which earned more than $3B in revenue in 2014!

The Fasse team is looking forward to attending this exciting and engaging conference on the river in downtown Wilmington, NC (held at the Hilton Riverside) to network with new and existing industry partners, learn new technical and business skills, and contribute to this rapidly growing industry.

Check out the full schedule below:

ROGUE Townhomes Progress Report

ROGUE Townhomes, located in Wilmington's Brooklyn Arts District (#BAD), 802 N. 4th St., are well on their way! Here are a few pictures taken a couple weeks ago, to bring you up to speed on all the progress. I promise to get out to the jobsite with my camera another day this week for more updated photos!

Rogue Townhomes Exterior Progress
Rogue Window
Rogue Streetview
Rogue Interior progress
Rogue Townhomes Interior Progress

The Fasse bldgs. team has been in full swing on this quadruplex with hopes of completing the project towards the end of September, just in time to enjoy the balcony views of downtown Wilmington amidst the pleasant early autumn weather. The  Verde Painting crew is working quickly to get the interior and exterior painting complete. Cabinets are almost entirely installed, and electric and plumbing will start going in this week.  It is always amazing to see how quickly things move along in the last few months of a project.

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates as we get even closer to the finish line!

Things we love: Geometric Lights & Pendants

TIME TO SHAPE UP! The geometric trend is here to stay, and as lovers of lines, patterns, and symmetry Fasse bldgs. it totally on board! Liven a room, add an eye-catching statement piece above your dining table,  or replace a boring, dated ceiling fixtures with one of these babies...

1. Between a rock lamp base in gold $80

Bold and classy. This little piece would look great in the study, or even as a pair on your bedside tables. It is sure to add some golden flava' to any room it calls home. 




2. Magical Thinking Geo Pendant by Urban Outfitters

At just $69, we think this one is a steal! Comes in two finishes, and there is also a diamond-shaped version (see below). A simple, stand alone statement piece, or opt to cluster for even more impact. 

Geometric Pendant Urban Outfitters
magical thinking pendant

3. Geometric Diamond Ceiling Light by Young House Love $79

For a lower profile vibe, this diamond-shaped light is for you! Finish it with a funky filament bulb to add some drama. 

Diamond ceiling light

4. Fox Mirror Faceted Pendant by West Elm $179

This foxy little vixen is sure to steal the show! With splattered light-casting effects and a blingy vintage finish, this light is perfect to bring some life to a boring corner or as a centerpiece above your dining table. 

Fox Mirror Pendant
Mirrored pendant by West Elm

5. Magical Thinking Geo Table Lamp by Urban Outfitters $89

Looking for some desktop motivation...this may be your muse.

Geo Table Lamp

6. Honeycomb by Luce Studio 

Its hard to get this modern beehive fixture out of your mind once you get a glance! It's complimentary in both commercial and residential spaces. A conversation piece for sure!

beehive pendant
beehive fixture by Luce
Beehive light

7. Faceted Globe Pendant by Raw Dezign $120

This British mod geometric light puts off a fresh white glow, creating a very unique and stylish lighting piece.

White geo light


8. Rose Gold Ceiling Pendants on Overstock $458

Rose gold eye candy. These were spotted on Overstock.com, and I am sure they won't last long!

Rose Gold geo pendant
Rose gold pendants

9. Robert Abbey Delta Lamp in Citron $212

At Fasse bldgs. we jumped right on the chartreuse trend, and we still aren't ready to look back! This citron lamp is no exception. Love it! If you aren't big on the citron/chartreuse hues, there are over 15 color options for this lovely geo lamp.

Citron lamp

10. Clear Glass Prism Pentagon Ceiling Light from Shades of Light $169

I see these as a great option down the hallway. There is also a pendant version for $10 less (pictured below on right)

Clear prism light
Prism pendant light

Tonbo Meadow Limited-Time Offer

Fasse bldgs. is offering $10,000 in home upgrades to anyone who puts a Tonbo Meadow townhome under contract by July 31, 2015. You have less than 3 days to take advantage of this offer! Upgrades include additional storage or cabinetry, paint and finishes, closet systems, backsplashes, tile, built-ins, light fixtures, and other applicable upgrades. Contact listing agent Pam Kersting for more details!

Tonbo Meadow For Sale

Innovative Prefab Dwellings

This is the ultimate in green, modern, and sustainable and we love it! Coming soon to Fasse bldgs.!

Prefab used to get a bad rap. Mass-produced in factories, modular homes were considered cheap, like the architectural equivalent of pre-packaged frozen meals. Fasse bldgs. hopes to disprove this theory and provide factory-made houses that feature today's most innovative designs- sustainable, smart, and with minimal impact on the surrounding area. Prefabricated homes are increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, among them the relatively quick build time, the ecological advantages, and the flexibility they can provide across a range of budgets.

These beauties go up in a matter of weeks, with little impact on your building site and virtually no waste (no soggy piles of debris scattered about)...and don’t worry, all that speed won't compromise quality. Built in indoor facilities, prefab houses benefit from precision factory equipment and crews operating in climate-controlled environments, all of which translates to straighter walls, squeakless floors, and no down time due to weather. Best of all, prefab designs are limitless! Whether you want an entire house, a guest suite, art/yoga studio, man cave, shed, home office, playplace for the kids, adult retreat, small loft home...the possibilities are endless! 

Fasse bldgs. wants to meet the needs of the growing and influential consumers that prioritize sustainable and cost-efficient home solutions at lightning speed, by bringing modern pre-fab homes to Wilmington and surrounding areas! 

Check out this short video created by a company with a similar mission:

Be sure to stay connected for updates and we start to develop this new endeavor!

Cool Coops

As we continue improving and developing Fasse bldgs.' modern luxe Tonbo Meadow development, there have been ongoing talks of a community chicken coop in the near future. We have also had custom home clients interested in testing their urban farming skills with a backyard chicken coop of their own. At Fasse bldgs. we refuse to settle for anything less than a cute coop! Before taking a look at some rad chicken dwellings, I just want to touch on some of the benefits of 'farming' your own backyard eggs. 

Backyard eggs

Fresh eggs from your own backyard chickens are the best quality eggs you will ever eat. Besides the freshness factor, raising your own small flock of chickens has many more benefits than most people realize. According to Backyardeggs.com, "eggs from chickens allowed to forage naturally, have on average, seven times more beta carotene (which is what makes pastured egg yolks so orange), three times more vitamin E, two times more omega-3 fatty acids and two-thirds more vitamin A than factory farm birds." Not to mention your eggs will be free from chemicals and hormones. And for everyone who've ever said eggs are riddled with cholesterol — backyard eggs contain only about half as much cholesterol as factory farmed eggs. Take that egg haters!

 Here are few modern snazzy chicken coops that are sure to compliment your backyard:

1. The Cocorico

Now here are some lucky hens! Cocorico by Maxime Evrard is made up of an egg-shaped housing compartment connected to a covered mesh area for play and scratching. This is a stylish and interesting design for urban chicken owners with just a handful of hens.

Mod Chicken Coop


2. Big RED

This cool coop is by David Rosen, an Associate Producer at CBS News in New York. His goal, in addition to sheltering four egg-laying hens, was to design a structure that complemented his house, a modern barn in Rockland County. 

3. The NOGG

This egg-shaped sculptural coop houses 2-4 chickens. According to the Nogg website, "the nogg sits beautifully in any garden, urban or rural environment and is designed to enhance and compliment it’s surroundings."

4. The Cedar Coop

A product of William-Sonoma, this transitional coop is hand built from sustainably harvested western red cedar, custom milled by a local, family owned sawmill. For the space-conscious poultry farmer, this coop includes a rooftop garden to shade the chickens when they're in their spacious 25-square-foot run.

5. The Winnebago 

These sporty chicken coops were featured on moderncoops.com, and  are made from recycled cedar with durable metal or fiberglass roof panel and an extra large side access door  for cleaning.  The entire coop is made to be mobile.  It moves around the yard to give the chickens fresh ground for scratching and allows for you yard to re'cooperate'. 

Winnebago Chicken Coop

6. The Moody Coop

This classy coop was a custom project I came across on theartofdoingstuff.com and I instantly fell in love with the look! The box attached to the left side of the coop houses the exterior nesting box on top (which the chickens have access to from inside the coop) as well as storage in the larger door below. And the black exterior paired with gold tone light fixtures on the outside...LOVE!

7. Solar Coop

Elegant housing for urban chicks! This coop from Raad Studio designed this easy to assemble coop comes with solar panels on top help circulate air through the coop, which contains storage space for bedding and food, a perch for roosting, four laying units and a slide-out chicken run.

Solar chicken coop

8. Breed and Retreat

Like an apartment building for chickens, Breed and Retreat by designer Frederki Rioje elevates hen houses off the ground in a stacked configuration with private ‘rooms’ and a large glassed-in egg-laying area. According to Frederik Roijé, "designing a special place will give nature its space. Even in urban society."

Roije Chicken Coop


The UK based, Omlet created the cute, colorful EGLU, designed to house chickens or rabbits. According to Omlet, "Eglu is designed to be the house that chickens [and rabbits] themselves would choose.” They are cozy and well-protected, but each offers a nice long caged-in run in which to play and enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to predators. Each Eglu features a removable lid for cleaning, a pull-out tray for droppings, a top-mounted door handle and a reach-in ‘eggport.

EGLU Chicken hutch

10. The Mod Coop

This hen house comes complete with a native-landscaping green roof to merge the aesthetic of the chicken abode with its natural surroundings. The coop has two perches made from tree branches on the inside, and easy exterior access to its two laying boxes. Designed by Brooklynite architects Mitchell Snyder and Shelley Martin after they moved to Portland and began having some success in their garden. 

Trendy chicken coops are part of a growing trend, in which city dwellers are striving to live sustainably in an urban environment, while also remaining stylish. Fasse bldgs. loves this progression and I hope this post has help put the chic in your chicken coop!

Happy Birthday America!

Its time to party, America.  Or should I say 'Merica or 'Murica?? In the south, we love using names to denote our extreme patriotism. While these terms may be coupled with aspects of a redneck or Southern American stereotype, I use these terms in the most light hearted fashion, just to get your patriotism flowing on the eve of this Independence Day weekend!

Freedom Sparklers

For beach people like us (Fasse bldgs. is located in Wrightsville Beach, NC), the 4th is like Christmas in July! Warm weather, the beach, cookouts, fireworks, time with family and friends, watermelon, fun in the sun, sparklers, jello molds....I could go on forever. We hope everyone has a wonderful time, but just a few things to be mindful of this holiday weekend, in our area and beyond.

Celebrate your Freedom

A beginning that consisted of freedoms, liberty and righteousness inspired by the revolutionary idea to stand up against tyranny … an idea that would forever change the lives of everyone in this great nation.
— Veterans of Foreign Wars

Fourth of July or July Fourth, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from Great Britain. This is the day Democracy was born! This weekend marks the celebration of the most important beginning in American history, according to Veterans of Foreign Wars  website. "A beginning that consisted of freedoms, liberty and righteousness inspired by the revolutionary idea to stand up against tyranny … an idea that would forever change the lives of everyone in this great nation." Independence Day is a time to thank those who have served, continue to serve, and remember all Americans who paid the ultimate price to our nation and for our freedom. On Independence day, let's celebrate our freedom and the birth of America! 

Pick up your trash people

We are so lucky to live in an amazing coastal town like Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington. Respect it. Respect the beaches and the fragile ocean ecosystem around you. This also goes for Masonboro Island, which is a popular party spot on the 4th. Last year, 70 volunteers passed out trash bags, and spoke to the island's visitors about the importance of keeping the area clean. Since 2009, hundreds of volunteers have removed and recycled tons of trash from Masonboro Island from the annual 4th of July celebration. If you are interested in volunteering with Masonboro.org to help pick up trash on the 4th, click here. They would love to have you! For more info on this awesome organization that works to preserve responsible use of Masonboro Island, check out their site here

Stay Hydrated & Wear Sunscreen

Heat Exhaustion

Heat related illness, such as heat exhaustion or even a heat stroke can be prevented by staying hydrated and lathered with sunscreen. Find a cool place in the shade to hang out, try to avoid direct sunlight exposure, and wear light clothing. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! Also avoid sugar and alcohol. Hydration should begin the night before and continue throughout the day. Most experts recommend one bottle of water to every 1 beer/alcoholic beverage.  Choose a sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher and don't forget to reapply at least every 90 minutes. Consistency is key! Don't leave home without a hat! A 2" brim or wider will give sensitive facial skin, earlobes and the scalp the extra protection they need.

Don't Drink & Drive

Just DON'T do it. There are no excuses and it is not worth it. Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach have various reputable cab companies and now with hundreds of Uber drivers in the area there is absolutely no excuse! 

June 30th through July 5, law enforcement agencies across North Carolina will step up efforts to get drunk drivers off the roads as part of Booze it & Lose it: Operation Firecracker 2015. According to The North Carolina State Department of Transportation and the Governor’s Highway Safety Program, “Booze it and Lose It: Operation Firecracker 2014” netted 1,929 DWI arrests from June 27 to July 6. The campaign serves to remind drivers that they have options and drunk driving is not one of them. 

If you don't have Uber yet, then follow this link for a free $25 fare for first time users in the Wilmington area. 

Don't be Stupid on the Water

Masonboro Island 4th of July
Masonboro fun

As I mentioned earlier Masonboro Island is a huge 4th of July party spot. According to Wilmington Star News, the festivities on Masonboro Island have gotten larger and larger over the years, prompting area agencies to hold a drill earlier this week to prepare for emergency response on the island. Be mindful of the strong currents around this island and surrounding waterways. Swimmers: steer clear of boat propellers, and pay attention to what is going on around you. Like my Dad always said about operating a boat, "when in doubt, kill the engine and put it in neutral" to avoid injuring anyone with your propeller. Don't drink and swim, and don't drink and operate a boat. 

If you are going to drink, do so responsibly. "Usually, when EMS responds to someone who's unconscious on the beach, it's some sort of combination of too much alcohol, not enough water and too much sun," said Aaron Kasulis, battalion chief for New Hanover Regional Medical Center  (NHRMC) EMS. Have fun, but be responsible!

Be Careful with Fire

We all get excited about fireworks and sparklers on the 4th of July, but just keep in mind you are playing with fire. Literally. There is typically an increase in people coming into NHRMC's emergency department over the holiday weekend with injuries related to fireworks. "These injuries are typically burns as some fireworks, such as sparklers, burn at 1200 degrees," said Chip Munna, Southeastern Regional Advisory Committee Trauma Coordinator at NHRMC. Instead of making your own fire, you could opt. to attend Wilmington's annual 4th of July celebration held in Downtown Wilmington on Riverfront Park. This is complete with a professional fireworks show over the Cape Fear River. For details on this event, click here








The Fasse bldgs. team wishes America a very Happy Birthday! Now everyone grab a sparkler and join the fun!


Wilmington Run to Remember 2015

Pam represented Fasse bldgs. in the alznc 5k a couple weeks ago as part of team Keston Law. This was Wilmington's second annual 'run to remember' held by Alzheimers North Carolina (alznc). 

Alzheimers North Carolina, Inc. provides family support, community education, public awareness and supports research for the prevention, cure and treatment of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. Alznc's mission is to provide assistance with information, educational programs and services to patients, their families, health care professionals and the general public. Through support groups, helpline, and networking with other nonprofits and local, state and federal agencies, additional information and care is provided. 

According to the Alznc website, over 170,000 people in North Carolina are affected by Alzheimer's and these numbers are expected to quadruple by the year 2025. 

If you are interested in supporting this cause, make a donation here, or email info@alznc.org for volunteer opportunities, sponsorships, or other ways to get involved. It turns out Keston Law was the top fundraising team in the race! Go team! 

Team Keston Law at the Wilmington alznc 5k

ROGUE Townhomes

Our ROGUE Townhomes project on N. 4th St. is looking sharp! This picture was taken last Friday, so there has been even more progress over the course of the week.

ROGUE Townhomes in progress

The quadruplex is now completely framed, all of the windows are in, plumbing and electric has been roughed in , and garage doors are on their way! Insulation and siding are scheduled to begin next week. It is so much fun to watch things unfold from the ground up. Through our  constant collaboration with architect Rob Romero, as well as the developer, Upper 90 LLC, certain details get tweaked and others more defined through the building process. With that said, here is the latest rendering for the ROGUE Townhomes building! Isn't she a beauty ;)

ROGUE Townhomes

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Update on ROGUE Townhomes

Just a quick update on the progress at Rogue Townhomes. The last time I posted about this project, we had just poured the slab! If you missed that post, check it out here. Now vertical construction is in full swing! Here is a shot the day the roof went on a couple weeks ago.

Roof at Rogue Townhomes
Rogue Townhomes progress

Since then, construction has been moving right along. The building is finally starting to look like townhomes! Framing is nearly complete, and the drywall will start  in just a few days. Even more progress has happened since these photos I took almost two weeks ago, but I will be sure to post another update in a few days with new pictures.

Rogue Townhomes progress

Rogue Townhomes are located in the historical Brooklyn Arts District in Downtown Wilmington, NC. 802 N. 4th St. For more information on these homes, contact the listing agent, Peter Sweyer at (910) 256 0021.

Tonbo Meadow for the 2015 Matsumoto Award People's Choice Award

A quick update on the 2015 Matsumoto Awards. The webpage has been repaired, in case you had any trouble viewing it yesterday. Please take just a second to vote for the Tonbo Meadow Streamcruiser Scroll to the bottom of this page and select the Streamcruiser to cast your vote in the People's Choice division. Be sure to check out the short video below featuring this progressive, modern Tonbo Meadow townhome.