ROGUE Townhomes Progress Report

ROGUE Townhomes, located in Wilmington's Brooklyn Arts District (#BAD), 802 N. 4th St., are well on their way! Here are a few pictures taken a couple weeks ago, to bring you up to speed on all the progress. I promise to get out to the jobsite with my camera another day this week for more updated photos!

Rogue Townhomes Exterior Progress
Rogue Window
Rogue Streetview
Rogue Interior progress
Rogue Townhomes Interior Progress

The Fasse bldgs. team has been in full swing on this quadruplex with hopes of completing the project towards the end of September, just in time to enjoy the balcony views of downtown Wilmington amidst the pleasant early autumn weather. The  Verde Painting crew is working quickly to get the interior and exterior painting complete. Cabinets are almost entirely installed, and electric and plumbing will start going in this week.  It is always amazing to see how quickly things move along in the last few months of a project.

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates as we get even closer to the finish line!