Things we love: Geometric Lights & Pendants

TIME TO SHAPE UP! The geometric trend is here to stay, and as lovers of lines, patterns, and symmetry Fasse bldgs. it totally on board! Liven a room, add an eye-catching statement piece above your dining table,  or replace a boring, dated ceiling fixtures with one of these babies...

1. Between a rock lamp base in gold $80

Bold and classy. This little piece would look great in the study, or even as a pair on your bedside tables. It is sure to add some golden flava' to any room it calls home. 




2. Magical Thinking Geo Pendant by Urban Outfitters

At just $69, we think this one is a steal! Comes in two finishes, and there is also a diamond-shaped version (see below). A simple, stand alone statement piece, or opt to cluster for even more impact. 

Geometric Pendant Urban Outfitters
magical thinking pendant

3. Geometric Diamond Ceiling Light by Young House Love $79

For a lower profile vibe, this diamond-shaped light is for you! Finish it with a funky filament bulb to add some drama. 

Diamond ceiling light

4. Fox Mirror Faceted Pendant by West Elm $179

This foxy little vixen is sure to steal the show! With splattered light-casting effects and a blingy vintage finish, this light is perfect to bring some life to a boring corner or as a centerpiece above your dining table. 

Fox Mirror Pendant
Mirrored pendant by West Elm

5. Magical Thinking Geo Table Lamp by Urban Outfitters $89

Looking for some desktop motivation...this may be your muse.

Geo Table Lamp

6. Honeycomb by Luce Studio 

Its hard to get this modern beehive fixture out of your mind once you get a glance! It's complimentary in both commercial and residential spaces. A conversation piece for sure!

beehive pendant
beehive fixture by Luce
Beehive light

7. Faceted Globe Pendant by Raw Dezign $120

This British mod geometric light puts off a fresh white glow, creating a very unique and stylish lighting piece.

White geo light


8. Rose Gold Ceiling Pendants on Overstock $458

Rose gold eye candy. These were spotted on, and I am sure they won't last long!

Rose Gold geo pendant
Rose gold pendants

9. Robert Abbey Delta Lamp in Citron $212

At Fasse bldgs. we jumped right on the chartreuse trend, and we still aren't ready to look back! This citron lamp is no exception. Love it! If you aren't big on the citron/chartreuse hues, there are over 15 color options for this lovely geo lamp.

Citron lamp

10. Clear Glass Prism Pentagon Ceiling Light from Shades of Light $169

I see these as a great option down the hallway. There is also a pendant version for $10 less (pictured below on right)

Clear prism light
Prism pendant light