City of Wilmington 2014 Transportation Bond

Wilmingtonians....we need your help!

For those who have not heard yet, the City of Wilmington has identified a huge need for transportation improvements, and they have proposed a bond (see right for sample ballot), that will build, extend, and improve several transportation projects. According to, citizens like trails/multi-use paths and want more of them. We want more of them too! 

This will be a great addition to the community and money well spent. As a true born-and-raised Wilmington native, I can identify directly with this need from a personal perspective. Not to mention the sustainability factor. We have had several of our clients relocate here, and comment on the lack of safe sidewalks for bikers and pedestrians. 

One of the proposed sidewalks, runs directly in front of our Tonbo Meadow development, and will allow residents to bike to work, the beach, and many other nearby locations safely.

If you are not registered to vote, you have until October 10th to register! If you need more information, check out the New Hanover County Board of Elections Website.




       For an interactive project map visit