Pam Fasse Won!

On behalf our entire Fasse bldgs. team, we are so proud that Pam Fasse took home the 2014 Women to Watch award in the 'Business' category! We had a great time at the event on Friday evening. Here are a few pics from the Women to Watch Awards Celebration...

I just wanted to share Pam's nomination letter and the reasons why she is so deserving of this award. She is probably going to kill me for doing this, but I just want to take this opportunity to celebrate Pam and all of her accomplishments...

Pam is a passionate, dedicated, and extremely knowledgeable woman in what many people would consider a 'man's industry.' As a female builder/licensed contractor in the area, Pam is completely committed to the environment, green building techniques, and creating healthier living environments for our clients. Her health background, paired with her great taste, and innate desire to build, has led her to create beautiful, modern, sustainable works of architecture in and around Wilmington, NC. This year, Pam finished phase one of Wilmington's first true low-impact development, Tonbo Meadow. Over 10 years in the making, this development was purely a result of her strong desire to create projects that are cool, innovative, and most of all, have a minimal impact on the land. Her courage and determination to take on projects that defy the norm in our area is inspiring, and her loyalty to everyone around her is unmatched. I truly believe Pam is on the road to success, and it is for all the right reasons; because she believes in what she does, her knowledge of building and sustainable developing is unrivaled, and she is always a steward to the environment, as well as everyone around her.

Pam is not only a leader…she is a giver. To Fasse Construction, she gives everything. She is beyond dedicated to this organization. Aside from her time in the office, and in the field, she spends countless hours of her free time doing research, talking with colleagues and collaborators, and spending whatever time is necessary, to ensure that she produces not only for her clients, but for her team. Pam is honestly one of the most hardworking and dedicated people I know, but she still finds time to give back to the community.

As an active builder for Habitat for Humanity, Pam has played a huge role in designing and building homes for numerous needy families in our area. She also helps with many of their fundraising events, sponsoring tables, and rallying potential donors and volunteers to support the amazing cause. One of her favorite events is the Turkey Trot, where she is a volunteer every year. Pam also plays a role in WARM,  (Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry) and volunteers to make urgent repairs to underprivileged homeowners in our area, and raise money to make this possible. In addition, Pam is active in the Cape Fear Builder's Guild, US Green Building Council, Cape Fear Green Building Alliance, NC GreenPower, and has recently won two Cape Fear Stewardship Development awards for demonstrating outstanding environmental stewardship through the protection, conservation, improvement, and awareness of our natural resources.

Aside from Pam's dedication to her company and her community, she is an amazing person, boss, friend, and mother. She gives freely of herself to everyone. She is selfless and kind hearted, yet brutally honest and straightforward, which is quite a combination! Pam is both witty and fun, yet fearless when it comes to getting things done and taking risks that she believes in. Her nature and disposition, paired with her intelligence and confidence, earn her a great deal of respect as a woman in the building industry and beyond.