TecHome Builder LUX Conference

Pam is having a great time at the TecHome Builder LUX Conference this week! Pam was one of the few builders from across the country who were invited to attend this VIP, invitation-only event in California. The conference will introduce her to many innovative technology amenities to increase home value and add more ease and comfort for Fasse homeowners. 

THB LUX will immerse luxury builders in the benefits, features and business advantages of home technology to make this their competitive edge.
— TecHome Builder

One of the products Pam is already excited about it called Enerwave Automation. This is a product line we hope to introduce to some of  Fasse bldgs. local homes. Enerwave Automation has several different products, all designed to save energy, and allow homeowners to control appliances, sound, thermostats, shades, and  switches from virtually anywhere. 

We are so excited to learn more about the technologies she has been introduced to at this event, and look forward to putting some of them to use at Fasse bldgs!